Vehicle Signs: Your Top 3 Options

21 May 2018
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Vehicle signs are an effective way to advertise your business or brand over a wide area. However, as with any type of advertising, making the right choices is imperative to getting the most out of it. When it comes to vehicle signs, one crucial element you need to think about is the type of signage you decide to use. There are multiple vehicle signage options available in the markets and knowing the various types available will help you determine the one that will work best for you. Therefore, here are some of the major types of vehicle signage you should know about.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are some of the most common types of vehicle signage you will find in the markets. They are usually made of vinyl, which is long-lasting. The vinyl material used is usually designed to withstand the effects of abrasion and fading. Also, it's ideal for all kinds of weather because of its ability to expand as well as contract to conform to the shape of your car. The wraps can be full or partial. If you want to put out as much information as possible about your business or brand, full vehicle wraps are the way to go. Also, full vehicle wraps tend to create a huge first impression and can quickly capture people's attention. However, if you are not for the idea of covering up every part of your vehicle, partial vehicle wraps would be the ideal alternative. These vehicle wraps are also a more cost-effective solution than their full counterparts.

Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic signs are another type of vehicle signage you will come across. As the name implies, these signs are simply sheets of magnetic material printed with your advertising message that you can easily attach to your car. Magnetic car signs are usually cheaper than vehicle wraps. Also, they are easier to apply to your car and you may even do it yourself if you follow the right procedure. Perhaps the major reason you may consider magnetic car signs is if you use your car for both business and personal use. That's because you can also easily take these signs off your vehicle.

Custom Paints

Custom painting is a form of vehicle signage where your vehicle is professionally painted with a high-end paint with the message you want to put out. This type of signage is usually seamless and appears more professional. While it may cost you more, custom vehicle paints are highly durable.

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