3 Tips for Effectively Using Car Wraps to Advertise Your Business

3 September 2019
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Are you thinking about using car wraps to advertise your business or newly launched product? Car wraps have numerous benefits to offer as compared to traditional advertising techniques. After applying the wrap, your advert will be seen everywhere you drive your company cars. You reach more people without working with a large budget.

However, to maximise the benefits of using car wraps, you have to use them correctly. With this in mind, here are three tips to help you when choosing and applying car wraps for business advertising.

Choose Design and Graphics Carefully

The success of your marketing campaign heavily relies on the design and graphics you choose. Car wraps are incredibly versatile, and you can have a custom design that adequately represents your brand. Thus, use your brand logo and other personalised graphics to attract the attention of the target client and relay the message about your product.

When choosing the design and graphics, consider the size of the car. A small car leaves you with little space to work with, while a big one offers more space. Thus, limit the text and graphics to the size of the vehicle. Also, note that since the advert is on a moving car, people will barely have a few seconds to skim through it. Thus, convey the message with as few words as possible. Don't forget to include the company's information in a large font so potential clients can contact you.

Prep Your Car Before Application

Nothing will undermine your advert more than an inadequately prepared car. Some companies offer to wash your vehicle before applying the wrap, while others don't. Thus, ensure you thoroughly clean the vehicle's exterior to create a smooth surface for the cover. Also, smooth out any uneven surfaces to protect the wrap from creasing or bubbling after application. A well-prepared surface enables the wrap to adhere correctly to the car and last for an extended period.

Maintain Your New Car Wraps

Continued care is essential to maintaining your car wraps in good condition so they can convey your advert for a long time. Observe the following maintenance tips to prolong the durability of the wraps:

  • Eliminate debris that would scratch at the wrap and ruin its appearance.
  • Clean the car regularly using a soft cloth or sponge and non-abrasive detergent.
  • Repair tears immediately they occur.

You don't have to wax or polish your vehicle. Regular cleaning and proper care are enough to maintain visual appeal.

Have these things in mind when using car wraps for business advertising. For the best results, work with a reputable company for professional car wrap application.