Should You Consider Perspex Sheeting for Your Next Project?

17 July 2020
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If you have a project that you were considering creating with glass, then why not think about using perspex sheeting instead? All acrylic sheets, including those branded as Plexiglass or perspex sheeting, are stronger than glass while remaining lighter and more resistant to shattering or eroding. In addition to these advantages, clear perspex normally has a greater clarity than glass. Finding a company that will cut to size perspex sheeting for whatever your project is will allow you to use perspex in almost any application where glass would normally be used.

How can you use Perspex?

Perspex can have a wide range of applications, but it is normally supplied in large sheets, often more than 3 metres wide, and will need to be cut to size before use. By locating a firm to cut the Perspex sheeting to size, for your project you can start to create whatever you need but you must be sure that the firm can cut the Perspex to a sufficiently high standard to keep waste to a minimum.  Here are three things that you will need to check before selecting your Perspex cutting company.

Can they cut the Perspex sheeting to size cleanly?

A good Perspex fabrication company should be able to cut and drill through acrylic without difficulty. They should have a range of drills that have been created specifically for use with acrylic so that they will not crack or chip your sheet.

What fabrication services do they offer?

Cutting to size Perspex sheeting allows you to create your products to the right size but often a little more fabrication work is needed before the product is finished. In addition to cutting to size, it can be useful to have screw holes and other features created by the company that does the cutting for you. When selecting your Perspex fabrication company, take the time to find out what additional services they offer and make sure that the company can complete every task that you need.

What finishes do they offer?

A firm that can cut Perspex sheeting to size should be able to work with Perspex that is clear, matte and even high gloss so that you can work with whatever finish you need. They should also be happy to offer services such as final polishing to ensure that your Perspex is provided ready for use.

By answering these three questions you can find the ideal company to cut Perspex sheeting to size for you.

For more information, contact a company that offers cut to size perspex sheeting.