Two tips for business owners who need business signs for their premises' exteriors

2 August 2023
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Here are two tips for business owners who plan to get exterior signs for their premises.

They should ensure the business signs are weatherproof

Any business owner who needs exterior signage must ensure that this signage is weatherproof. For example, the materials each sign is made from, and any ink or paint that is added to it should be UV-resistant. This will prevent the sign material from cracking or warping, and the printed or painted imagery or text on it from fading, as a result of being exposed to UV rays every day. Additionally, every part of the sign must be waterproof to ensure that it will remain intact if exposed to rainwater. Even exterior signs that will be positioned under outdoor awnings must be waterproof, as they could still get soaked with rainwater if the awning leaks or if the wind blows some rainwater under the awning.

Whilst ordering weatherproofed signs might be costlier than ordering ones without weatherproofing features, opting for the former could save the business owner the cost of having to replace their worn-out exterior signs too soon. It will also ensure that potential customers who pass by the business owner's premises don't ever struggle to read the signs, as a result of the text on them being too faded.

They should ensure the signs are positioned in (relatively) easy-to-access areas

Business owners who plan to get exterior signs should ensure that they choose locations for these signs that will be relatively easy for them or their staff to access. For example, if they want to put a sign above the entrance to their shop, they should not have it installed so high off the ground that it would be inaccessible, even with a ladder. The reason for this is that exterior signs tend to require more frequent maintenance than interior signs. For example, the wind that outdoor signs are regularly exposed to will transfer airborne dust and dirt onto them. As such, they'll need to be washed often, to ensure they look clean and that the text on them doesn't get obscured by dirt.

Additionally, if the exterior signs feature lights, the business owner or their staff will need to be able to easily access the signs so that they can quickly change any broken bulbs. This is essential as, if some of an illuminated sign's broken bulbs are left unreplaced, this could not only make the sign harder for customers to see after dark but could also give the premises' exterior an unkempt look.

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