The Advantages of Digital Signs to your Business

2 February 2018
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Digital signs have become some of the most effective marketing and advertising tools. Digital signage or electronic signage can be described as a dynamic media which uses flash technology to display messages on sharply focused LCD screens. Some examples of this form of media include electronic billboards and LCD advertising kiosks. There are many advantages a business (whether big or small) can get by utilizing this form of media in addition to regular signage. These include:

Wider displays 

Digital signs can be used to show a wide range of services or products. For instance, a fast food restaurant can use LED signs to display the different menus they have at various times of the day, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, the screens can be split, so as to contain a wide range of information, such as different special offers of the month.

Remote controlled 

One of the many advantages of digital signs is that they can be managed remotely. For instance, you can use a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) to change the information you want your customers to view in all the screens you have at your business premises without having to manually move from one screen to another. Thus, these signs offer the advantage of ease in updating and changing content.

Aesthetic value and powerful influence 

The beautiful light displays of LED signs can be impressive and can even give your business a distinct modern aesthetic feel. In addition, these modern signs are used at the point of sale to influence the customers' buying decisions.

Interaction tool 

Digital signs can be used as a communication medium, where you and your customers can interact. For instance, they are used in the waiting bays of train stations and airports to communicate important information. Some even allow customers to give feedback on their experiences.

Additional income 

Digital signs offer businesses the opportunity to generate more income from other third-party advertisers. For instance, those that are placed at large shopping centres and health centres may display messages from other third-party advertisers.


These modern marketing platforms offer the advantage of displaying live feeds in real time such as Twitter feeds, weather updates, currency updates and even blog posts. For instance, a doctor's waiting room can have an LED sign that offers real-time health facts and news in real time via an RSS feed.

Marketing and advertising are all about influencing consumer behaviour and decisions, in favour of your interests. One way of doing this is by taking advantage of the many benefits offered by digital signs.