How to Make the Most of Signage When Promoting Your Business

14 February 2018
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No small business can survive these days without a consistent effort to promote their existence and underline their superiority in one way or another. In a bricks and mortar operation, this often means some form of signage, as they try to attract attention in a particularly busy environment. While there are many ways to advertise a message here, one of the more versatile and successful is the PVC foam board sign. If you're looking for "that edge," why should you consider this type of product?

Total Flexibility

To be completely flexible, your signage needs to be portable, transportable and changeable. The PVC foam board ticks all these boxes. You can display it in or around your main point of business, or you can take it with you when you attend a tradeshow. Its portability is one of its main strong points.

Foam boards are particularly light and therefore easy to affix to walls, including temporary tradeshow stands, which are not necessarily very sturdy. You can put them up by using disposable, adhesive tabs and if you're not happy with one location, it's very easy to refix somewhere else.

Attention Grabbing

This type of sign will definitely grab the attention of passers-by, as it can be imprinted with a large variety of different colours and designs, that will faithfully reproduce your logo and message. They are extremely cost effective as well, so you can have many different signs with a variety of different messages. You can customise to your hearts content and always have the appropriate message for the occasion, visitor or prospect.

Making an Impact

Some materials are more "receptive" than others when it comes to clear and compelling imagery. The PVC foam board is one of the best printing solutions available if you want to reproduce a large-scale or complex image directly onto its surface. It's possible to "bleed" the images all the way to the edge of the foam, which can help you to produce a truly spectacular display that really brings your message across.

Imagine Your Message

If it's been some time since you decided to revisit your marketing materials, have a good look at the impact you could make with PVC foam board signs. Ask your printing supplier to show you examples of other, successful campaigns, so that you can get your creative juices flowing. Remember, you have to make a perfect impression in a very short space of time in such a crowded marketplace and you need to use the best solution possible to help you.