Modern Features of Business Signs

15 February 2018
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Signage has been one of the primary ways through which businesses market themselves to a larger audience in order to attract more customers. Signs are often placed on storefronts, near windows, and within various parts of the premises to communicate specific messages.

Both indoor and outdoor signs need to have the right message, colours, graphics and designs that will attract people's attention. In recent years, advancements in technology have led to the implementation of certain features that make business signs more effective in fulfilling their functions. Some of those features include:

QR Codes

As more people own mobile phones than ever before, QR codes have become a convenient and savvy channel for businesses to communicate information about their products and services. You will notice that many business signs have a QR code that is placed at the centre or near the corners of the sign itself.

You can scan this code to bring up more information about the company, such as its website or a specific product. It is an effective way of redirecting customers to a business's online platforms.

Real-time streaming 

Some businesses now use a projector to transmit pictures and video onto a digital screen. When the screen is strategically placed, many people can view it as it transmits information about the business.

The company can choose to display its product catalogue in real time, including information on pricing, discounts, and opening/closing hours. These signs are also attractive to look at, especially if the images and video are in high quality. 

Lightweight and convenient designs 

Business signs are increasingly using convenient materials such as PVC foam to design their business signs. PVC foam is not only lightweight, it is also highly customisable and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

PVC signs allow businesses to follow customers where they are and to spread their message directly in many different locations. PVC foam and foldable signs are also cost-effective, reducing production expenses.

Excellent durability 

A top concern for business signs is durability. These signs often undergo heavy use on a daily basis by many different people. A durable business sign reduces repair/replacement costs and also prevents any missed opportunities that would occur if the sign were dysfunctional.

To ensure that business signs maintain their durability, more innovative materials are being used during the manufacturing process. For example, metal panels, neon lights, and tougher wooden/plastic materials are being used in signage production.

To attract more attention, business signs are also using more flashy features such as 3D designs and attractive lighting.