Blinded By Your Business: 3 Ways an Overly Bright LED Sign Can Harm Your Business

16 February 2018
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A well-placed LED sign that has a clearly defined message in terms of both content and design may encourage passersby to take a closer look at what your business has to offer. However, when a potential customer walks or drives by, you have just seconds to convince them that you have what they need. It's the content in a sign that entices—not its artistic brilliance.

With that said, in a busy downtown area filled with other businesses, an LED sign needs to attract attention from a distance. When attempting to do that, some businesses ramp up the brightness of their digital signs. This costly mistake may reflect negatively on a brand.

Brightly Lit Signs Blind Drivers and Pedestrians

Turning up the brightness of an LED sign in the evening will definitely attract attention. For example, if your business is located near a busy road, by increasing the brightness of your digital sign, your business can be visible to drivers as well as pedestrians.

Unfortunately, if you get carried away and increase the brightness of your business' sign too much, your sign will blind customers, not bring them. More worryingly still, is the risk to passing drivers. The blinding glare of your sign could cause a serious road accident that may cost lives—and most certainly will cost you your business.

A Bright LED Sign Creates More Light Pollution

Every year, the brightness of Earth increases by 2 percent, according to research. Not only does this increase in brightness harm nocturnal plants and animals, but it is also gradually making it more difficult to see stars in the night sky. There is simply too much light pollution, especially in cities and towns.

If your business' sign is more like a blinding sun than a beacon of soft light, it may end up ruining the natural ambience of an area. Although you could make the point that none of these things will directly affect you and your business, your reputation is on the line. A business that develops a reputation for being uncaring may soon see a drop in sales.

The Content of Your Sign Will Be Unreadable

Successful businesses use their digital signs to interact with the people on the street, offering warm greetings at Christmas, for example. Your digital sign and the content you choose to share on it, also allows you to develop the type of image you wish to portray to your customers.

However, an LED sign that is little more than a blindingly bright smudge of colour in the darkness will only serve to annoy and drive away potential customers.