Designing a Prosperous Digital Signage Strategy for Your Business

3 December 2019
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When used correctly, digital signage has the ability to make a significant impact on your business. Once clients see your digital sign, they can decide to enter the shop and check out your product or services. Although businesses already know the importance of digital signage, very few enjoy the benefits. Here is a detailed strategy that will assist you in creating a digital signage strategy that works.

Know your goals

If you want to have a successful marketing strategy, it is essential to set goals. Why is your company choosing to use digital signage? All the reasons must be outlined and understood by all those who are involved. Some goals may include increasing the number of followers you have, devising a means for streamlining communications or increasing sales. Once the goals are outlined, make sure you determine how they'll be measured even before the strategy is developed.

Come up with the content

Will your company be showcasing company images, videos, social media content or adverts on your digital signage? Do you have new content you'd like to display? Regardless of what you choose to display, it's important to decide what your customers will view before placing it on the screen. Consider creating anticipation by informing your customers that new offers will be introduced soon or utilising user-generated content. All this enhances your connection to the customers and shows them how loyal you are to them; in turn, they'll be loyal to your company as well.

Draft a display time plan

Now that you know your goals and have the content you'll display, the next step is knowing when to display. A good schedule can have an impact on your customers' purchasing tendencies by helping them upgrade their purchase or connecting with your company on various channels. Knowing where the digital screen will be placed may also have an impact on the display time plan.

Get feedback from an expert

Once everything is set up in paper, be sure to get an expert opinion on every aspect before you actualise the plan. If you don't have an expert nearby, consider showing the content to someone who hasn't seen it before, then get their feedback. Getting other people's opinions, especially the opinion of a digital signage pro, will assist you in correcting typos or other design problems you may have overlooked. Additionally, consider tracking metrics by adding unique URLs to the content; this enables you to know if the displays have been viewed by the target audience or not.

For more information, contact a signage company.