4 Ways to Make the Most on Laser Engraving Production

13 March 2020
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Over the past few years, there has been an increased popularity in laser technology. The technology today allows the engraving of various materials. Laser engraving systems have a high speed for cutting the most complicated designs. Yet, new technologies are being introduced to increase productivity. When running a laser engraving system, you need to do it as effectively as possible. The guidelines offered here will help you run your laser system at its highest potential. 

Engrave Various Items in One Batch  

Printing many signs at once reduces the production time. When you are engraving in batches, you save time almost by half. The table size determines the number of signs you can embed at once. Thus, you will have to expand the page size in the graphic design program for it to match the full volume of the table. That allows you to fill the table with design and engrave them at once.

Use Color Mapping

Color mapping is also an excellent way of saving engraving time. You may have a design that has three columns with names on them. The laser will skip the white spaces between and engrave the whole graphic. With color mapping, it omits all the white areas. You will need to assign every column with a different color. That way, the machine engraves one column at a time.

Regulate the Resolution

Resolution is also an element to consider when you wish to increase the output. Every engraving job needs to have a clear image. But, the higher the dots per inch (DPI), the longer the engraving process. A higher DPI also means the engraved dots are close to each other. Though that leads to a highly detailed image, the time taken will be longer. By slightly reducing the resolution, you will be saving on the production time. 

Get Quality Equipment

The quality of the machine used also determines the quality of the final product. The quality also affects engraving speed. Thus, you need to invest in ideal tools for your engraving process. These gears will also help in getting excellent results. Varying materials need different watt power for them to be effective. Before you buy any laser-engraving equipment, think about the materials you will be using. 

By following the essential tips given above, you are sure to increase productivity. The growing popularity of laser engraving is because many industries use it. The increase in demand has made engravers find ways of improving the output. If you are offering laser engraving services, find ways to maximize production.