Two Tips for Those Who Will Be Using a Sign Installation Service for Their Wedding

5 November 2020
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If you'll be using a sign installation service when putting up the wedding signage at your venue, you might find these tips useful.

Consider whether you want the signs to feature in your photos when choosing locations for them

You will probably want every photo that's taken at your wedding to be as perfect as it can be. It's important to keep this in mind when directing the sign installation team to the areas where they should hang your signs.

For example, if there is a picturesque feature in the venue (such as a pretty archway) that you think would be a perfect place to take some wedding photos, and this feature is adjacent to the bar where you need to hang up a basic cocktail menu sign that is not particularly attractive, then you should have the installers suspend the sign over the bar, instead of putting the sign beside it. This will ensure that no part of this sign ends up being visible in the background photos taken by the pretty nearby archway.

Conversely, if you have had a beautiful, freestanding 'welcome' sign designed that you feel would act as a great backdrop for some photos, you should instruct those who install it to place it near a part of the entrance that is both picturesque and well-lit, in order to maximise how lovely the photos you take in front of it look.

Observe the installation process if you'll be taking them down after the wedding

If you or your relatives plan to remove the wedding signage yourselves after the wedding, then it's a good idea to observe the sign installation process closely. While removing, for example, foldable freestanding signs should be easy, it might be harder to work out how to take down other ones (like an outdoor light-up sign whose wires the installers have interwoven through the panels of a gate at the venue) if you haven't seen how they were installed.

As such, if you don't want to spend the day after the wedding getting annoyed by your inability to remove certain signs, it's best to take notes and some photos of the installation. You may also want to ask the installers for advice on this matter before they leave. Knowing how the signage was installed and, by extension, understanding how to remove it will also reduce the chances of you breaking it when you're taking it down. This might matter to you, if you want to use some of the signs as keepsakes or if you would like to sell them on.

For more information, talk to your sign installers.