Two tips to follow after buying signs for your shop for the first time

24 February 2021
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If you recently opened a shop and have just bought several signs for it, you might find these suggestions helpful.

Ensure your retail signs undergo restoration periodically

Because you'll see the signs in your shop every day and will be preoccupied with assisting customers and doing shop admin, you may not notice the gradual decline in their condition that will inevitably occur (even if the signs are very well-made) as a result of them being in constant use. For example, the paint on the signs that are displayed on your shop's sunniest window will probably fade, whilst dust may build up in the letters of any engraved signs. Additionally, some of the lightbulbs in your light-up signs may eventually blow.

To address this deterioration, you should ensure they undergo restoration periodically (such as once a year). You can do this yourself if you feel confident about being able to restore the materials that your signs are made of without damaging them and have the time to do it properly or, alternatively, you can use a sign company's restoration services. Having the patchy or faded lettering repainted, the grime wiped off the signs' surfaces and the dust removed from the engraved lettering will revive their appearance, make them more legible (which will make navigating the shop much simpler for your customers) and enable you to avoid replacing them for much longer. It will also ensure that the signs make your shop look better, rather than giving it a neglected look.

Look for ways to dress up your signs for different occasions

Whilst there is nothing wrong with splashing out on specialist signs for specific occasions (like Halloween or a mid-season sale), you might find it tricky to temporarily switch out certain signs for their seasonal equivalent, if those signs are, for example, attached to the walls with screws or connected to the rafters with wire. Furthermore, you may find that you don't always have enough money to buy new signs for each occasion you require them for.

In these instances, it might be better to doll up your existing signs. For example, if you have a letter sign made up of dozens of small white lightbulbs, you could replace them with green and red ones for the month of December, to celebrate Christmas. Similarly, you could hang Halloween-themed bunting off the signs or, if you're planning to host a sale in the springtime, drape garlands of pastel-coloured artificial flowers, along with removable stickers featuring cute bunnies and lambs, on your sale signs.

Contact a local retail sign company to get more tips.