Different Types of Signs for Events Based on Their Purpose

13 May 2021
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Need signs for your upcoming event? Not all signs are created equal: there are many different types of signs for events. While your signage requirements are going to depend on the specific type of event you're organising, many signage solutions work well for almost any event.

Take a look at some of the most essential types of signs you may need for a successful event.

Welcome signs

If you want to form a positive connection with guests immediately when they arrive at your event, you can never go wrong with welcome signs. These signs convey the perfect message to your guests — that you're delighted they came out to attend your event and that their presence is highly appreciated.

In addition to ushering in your guests, welcome signs can also be used for guiding them through 

Directional signs

As the name suggests, these signs are meant to help guests find their way to your event and around it. This makes it easier for people to locate the main entrance of your event, as well as other places that you want them to go to once they've arrived at the event. 

Directional signage helps to reduce the need to install people at every step of the way to provide directions to your guest.

Traffic control signs

As part of your event's traffic management plan or system, you should strategically place signs at various sections of the venue, such as the car parking area, footpaths and hallways to help event planners to manage traffic.

For example, non-slip floor decals are great for keeping crowds in check at wedding receptions, corporate galas and trade fairs.

Promotional signs

Holding an event presents the perfect opportunity to inform people about what you do. For example, a large banner hanging from a wall or ceiling or supported on a stand near the main entrance of your event venue can deliver your promotional messages to the people arriving at your event.

In most cases, you'll require a cocktail of different types of signs to ensure a successful event. The good news is that you can get everything you need from a single event sign supplier. All you have to do is to talk to them about your particular signage needs, and they'll recommend the right mix of signs for your event. They can also provide you with a no-obligation quote at no cost so you can know how much you'll be required to pay for your signs.

Contact an event sign supplier to learn more.