Two Tips to Follow When Ordering Restaurant Signs

16 August 2021
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If you need signs for your new restaurant, here are some tips you should follow.

Ensure any illuminated signs match your restaurant's branding

Illuminated signs are a must for many restaurants, as most dining establishments are open in the evenings and so may benefit from having light-up signs that their customers can spot from afar after dark. However, if you want to get a few illuminated signs for your own restaurant, you should ensure that the signs match your restaurant's branding.

For example, if you have set up what you hope will be a very trendy restaurant, then you might want to opt for neon signage for your windows and the restaurant exterior, as the bright colours and vibrant glow of these signs will reflect the funky, relaxed atmosphere of your business.

In contrast, if you have set up an upscale restaurant and you are hoping to serve sophisticated food to an older, wealthier crowd, you should steer clear of neon signs that may be perceived by this demographic as gauche or ostentatious. Instead, it might be better to pick a backlit sign in an elegant font that features white bulbs that produce a very soft, understated glow.

Invest in a sturdy folding pavement sign

If your restaurant leads directly onto a pavement, then it could be worth purchasing a folding pavement sign and using it to advertise your daily menu. This is a great way to draw in passers-by who are looking for somewhere to have a quick bite to eat. However, if you are going to get signage like this, you should invest in the sturdiest one you can find.

The reason for this is that, unlike the signs you display on the exterior wall of your restaurant or the ones you hang up inside the premises, this sign will be quite susceptible to damage, due to its position and portability. If you pick a flimsy folding sign, it could get knocked over when people walking by bump into it or when it is very windy outside. If this happens, no passers-by will pay attention to the menu or special offers on the sign until your staff spot that it is fallen and go out and put it back up. Purchasing a robust folding sign that has a weighted base which will mean that it won't get knocked over easily and that if it does, it is unlikely to break.